PPTs: Sound and Vibration research in Sweden

Svenska akustiska sällskapet höll den 2 februari en
Online conference on: Sound and Vibration research in Sweden

Där presenterades:

A. Dynamic soil-structure interaction of end-bearing pile foundations.
Freddie Theland, KTH – Structural engineering and bridges.
B. Diagnostic and mitigation of rail curve squeal.
Leevi Toratti, Luleå University of Technology.
C. Experimental aero-acoustic characterization of perforates.
Shail Shah, KTH-MWL.
D. Investigation of aeroacoustic properties of tube banks.
Charitha Vaddamani, KTH-MWL.
E. Cavity acoustics and Rossiter modes.
Steffen Hammer, KTH-Energy technology.
F. Project GEOMETRIC – Geo-based multilayer environmental modelling of urban traffic.
Siddharth Venkataraman, KTH-MWL.
G. Acoustic planning of complex traffic environments.
Monica Waarenperä, Trafikverket – Chalmers
H. Study of perception of tonality and sound quality patterns in electrified vehicles.
Birgitta Nyman, Scania and Luleå University of Technology.
I. Signal processing methods for the virtual reproduction of acoustic environments.
Thomas Deppich, Chalmers.
J. Investigating the human response to virtual acoustic environments.
Leon Mueller, Chalmers
K. Evaluation of binaural rendering from baffled microphone arrays.
Hannes Helmholz, Chalmers.
L. Silence, Buzz and noise.
Kristin Nedlich, Luleå University of Technology

Organizing committee:
Emma Arvidsson, Hans Bodén, Karl Bolin, Krister Larsson, Örjan Johansson, Monica Waaranperä.