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Sound, Safety & Society - Symposium i Lund
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Datum28 april 2014
Tid10:00 - 15:00





The Sound Environment Center at Lund university - Ljudmiljöcentrum - and Centre for Societal Resilience, Lund University wishes to invite you to an interdiscipinary symposium that will take place the 28th of apri10.00 - 15.00 in Belfragesalen, BMC, Lund.





Tor Kihlman, Professor Emeritus at the Division of Applied Acoustics, Chalmers (keynote)

Maria Albin, Chief Physician,Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Lund University

Per Becker, Director, Centre for Societal Resilience, Lund University

Daniel Nilsson, Associate professor at the Department of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University

Anders Sköld, phD, ÅF Sound & vibration, Gothenburg

Greg Watts, Professor, Centre for Sustainable Environments, University of Bradford, UK

Karin Wendin, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden





April 28th, 10.00 - 15.00
Belfragesalen, BMC, Lund, (D1539a, floor 15, lift) NB!! Entrance from Klinikgatan 32, Map
Free (Lunch free of charge)




You can preregister in two alternative ways: a) by email to "projektledare@ljudcentrum.lu.se - Mark the subject line "April 28". b) click this link in fill in a simple form on webpage. Use the above adress for contact or questions. Space is limited, so to be sure to get a seat, please register early.



Sound, Safety & Society

Safety, sustainability and resilience requires open minds and open ears to be able to hear what is happening before it´s happening. This international symposium arranged by Sound Environment Center and Centre for Societal Resilience, both at Lund University, aims at highlighting problems of societal noise and sound exposure and at discussing possibilities and threats in dealing with a sound environment development that might pose serious threats to public health, safety and sustainability of society.

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and so are our challenges for safety and sustainability. Various disturbances, disruptions and disasters are affecting the lives and livelihoods of many, while local and global sustainability challenges are threatening the development of future generations. One of the more basic aspects of the lifeworld of people is sound, and the soundscape isfundamentalfor much communication aswell as recreation and restoration.

Sound is a crucial feature of safety and sustainability, both in the sense of amounting to a hazard in itself and as a means or barrier for developing a safe and sustainable society. For instance, the ever growing exposure to traffic noise all over the world has been connected to seriouscadiovascularhealth risks, whilethe use of auditoryentertainment from mobile music players and in-earphones often exceeds thresholds fordeveloping lasting hearing impairment for masses of people in the future. Both predicting heavy coming costs for society. Sound messages are the most commonway to communicate to large numbers of people in emergency situations, and the composition of the soundscapes of large and complex buildings can in many ways block such messages from being understood.

In short, society's resilience to both sudden and slowlyemerging risks depends at least partly on our ability to anticipate, recognise, adapt to and learn from both problems and solutions in relation to sound.Lund University'sSoundEnvironment Centreand Centre for Societal Resilience are therefore jointly hosting a symposium on Sound, Safety and Society to highlight this connection and spur further debate and future transdisciplinary research.”




Centre for Societal Resilience, Lund university
















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