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Calculation methods for predicting attenuation of parallel baffle type silencers
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Datum30 oktober 2014
Tid13:15 - 14:00
PlatsChalmers Teknisk akustik
Dear all,
Dario Bogdanovic will defend his Master's thesis on Thursday 30 October at 13:15 in our teaching lab. The title of the thesis is "Calculation methods for predicting attenuation of parallel baffle type silencers – For use in power plant ducts and exhausts".

Power plant can be immensely loud facilities and are often in need of substantial sound reducing measures. Parallel baffle silencers are often used in ducts and exhausts, which can contain hot and eroding gases, requiring exotic materials to withstand such conditions. Attenuation for these silencers is therefore important to know beforehand. This thesis investigates available literature to find methods for predicting the attenuation of baffle silencers. The methods found are evaluated for accuracy and usability and are presented so that they can be used by other engineers. Two older methods were found that could be readily used and presented satisfactory results, with one of them being recommended over the other. Additional methods have been obtained but require further numerical solutions to yield results. The recommended method has been converted into a Matlab script for simplified calculations.
Jens Forssén
Uppdaterat 2014-10-22
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